DNA Forensic Evidence Lawyer Massachusetts

A Lawyer Ready to Pursue Every Angle in Your Defense

When your future is on the line, the details matter more than you might realize. You need an attorney on your side that will not flinch or be intimidated by the most challenging DNA or other forensic evidence the prosecution might bring into your case.

Attorney Daniel W. Cronin has been immersed in criminal defense — while also building a stellar reputation in the community — for over 30 years. To meet with a lawyer that will not pre-judge your case, and one willing and able to initiate a thorough investigation, from DNA evidence to ballistics and witness testimony, please contact us today.

Ready to Attack DNA Evidence, Weapons Issues, and Pathology

The Cronin Law Firm is a proven, reputable criminal defense resource for people in Worcester County and Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Dan Cronin has connections to quality investigators — who will not rest until satisfied that every aspect of your case has been analyzed. Our firm’s knowledge extends to:

  • Weapons analysis and ballistics, including tool mark identification
  • All aspects of DNA evidence, including blood stain, saliva, urine and spatter analysis
  • Pathology of wounds in violent crime cases
  • Footprints, shoe-prints and fingerprints

We respect law enforcement, but we also have the ability and credibility to challenge whatever prosecutors may bring forward in your case, especially when inadequate police investigation is involved. If your case requires expert testimony, you can count on our firm to employ qualified professionals who can testify and potentially make the difference in your case.

If you or someone you care about has been accused of a sex offense, a violent crime, a property crime, or another offense that jeopardizes his or her future, it can be critical to act quickly. One call to our firm may restore your confidence that no angle will be left unexplored, whatever DNA or other scientific evidence you believe may come forward.

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Criminal defense lawyer Dan Cronin is an active, aggressive individual when our clients’ futures are on the line. To discuss the allegations and evidence against you, and whether that material can be challenged due to possible falsification, mislabelling, or other grounds, please call or e-mail us at the Cronin Law Firm today.