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An Accomplished Lawyer and Respected Public Servant

Dan Cronin has his roots in Worcester County and Central Massachusetts. He understands the people of the region and their problems, whether they are in need of criminal defense or have fallen victim of personal injury or tragedy. Dan’s father was a Captain in the U.S. Army at Fort Devens, and upon discharge in 1962, became a dentist in Leominster, Massachusetts. Dan was the second of five children and received his diploma from Lunenburg High in 1978, graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 1982, and from the Tulane University School of Law in 1985. Dan returned home and after admission to the Massachusetts bar in 1986, served for four years as an Assistant District Attorney in Worcester County, prosecuting every crime except murder in the District and Superior Courts. He left the District Attorney’s Office in 1990 and has focused his practice on criminal defense, civil litigation, and personal injury trial work. From 1990-2008, he served as a Special Prosecutor for the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office. Dan’s experience as a trial attorney has been shaped by his many roles in the criminal justice system. His reputation is for fearless, persistent and outstanding representation in criminal defense and civil litigation. Our firm‘s past and present clients are likely to speak of his clear commitment sincere concern for their personal well-being, regardless of the seriousness of their problems and circumstances.

Mr. Cronin’s assets in negotiations and the courtroom include extensive knowledge of Massachusetts and federal law, criminal and trial procedure, forensic and scientific evidence, and search and seizure issues. He has built a track record of success defending people from all walks of life who faced serious allegations and charges ranging from OUI/DWI to drug trafficking, and from burglary or weapons charges to fraud or embezzlement You can be confident that Attorney Cronin knows the grounds for dismissal and the reasons why an illegal search or statements of those in custody should be suppressed or excluded from evidence.

Cronin Family

Beyond his public service as a former prosecutor, Dan Cronin’s commitment to community and serving others is shown by his service as a twice elected Selectman in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, from 2003-2007. After capital overrides were defeated in 2001, Dan became a community activist promoting political change and capital investment in his hometown of Lunenburg. With grassroots community support the campaign for progress succeeded in Lunenburg and Selectman Dan Cronin then served as Chairman of the Lunenburg Library Building Committee ($4.3 M public project), served on the Public Safety Building Committee ($5 M project) and oversaw a sewer expansion ($10M project), new Primary School Building ($22M project) and charter changes in town. In 2007 Dan decided not to run for re-election in order to devote more time to his family and business. His public service shows that Dan cares about people, acts with integrity, and will bring that high level of dedication to your legal needs.

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