Worcester County Business Dispute Lawyer

If you are a business owner, you know it is hard enough to make a profit, or just stay afloat, without suppliers, competitors, customers or even employees taking advantage of you. Attorney Cronin has successfully fought for his business clients in cases of fraud, deception, breach of contract, unjust enrichment and interference with advantageous business relations. He has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for business clients alleging fraud and deception against their former employers or other business associates. He has prosecuted and defended claims of defamation, libel and slander. He has recently defended Superior Court litigation claims that defamatory statements made on the internet caused diminished stock prices, loss of investors and grants. He has been involved in cases where equitable relief is granted to permanently enjoin individuals from making disparaging public statements on internet sites, blogs, listservs and newsfeeds about certain businesses and entities.

Most businessmen agree that it is best to avoid disputes, but eventually they will happen. Cronin Law Firm handles all kinds of business disputes, with resolute negotiation, mediation and litigation when necessary. You need a lawyer that does not just idly threaten litigation, but who is taken seriously by opponents knowledgeable with his reputation for backing it up with litigation and often times, injunctive and equitable relief. Speak with Dan Cronin, a Worcester County business dispute lawyer with 30 years experience vigorously advocating for clients. Attorney Cronin is known for his perseverance and will pursue all legal remedies to get you the money that you are owed; often obtaining real estate or bank account attachments, injunctions and specific performance. He is also available to defend you against claims that you owe money to others, or have been named as a party to a lawsuit.

Every business needs to make agreements, in writing, and to be able to rely on them in the process of doing business. When the other party breaches the terms — or misinterprets them and accuses you of breach — the effect on your operations can be unacceptable. Other business disputes involve unfair use of intellectual property such as a patent, trademark or copyright.

Massachusetts Breach of Contract Attorney

Some conduct is not just “honest disagreement.” If you have been the victim of:

  • Fraud
  • Interference with a contractual relationship, or
  • Defamation or trade disparagement

You can rely on Mr. Cronin’s many years as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He is skilled at negotiation and business litigation. He has obtained judgments against debtors in the Business Litigation Section of the Superior Court and with a network of national attorneys, has obtained full faith and credit judgments against out of state debtors.

Mr. Cronin has distinguished himself as an attorney. Among the honors he has earned, he was certified under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) by a panel of federal judges to provide court-appointed criminal defense in federal court. In 2015, Dan was named as a Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorney by The National Trial Lawyers Association. In 2015 he was admitted to pratice before the Supreme Court of the United States of America. He was certified by the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) to provide criminal defense for Murder Cases serious Rule 8 felonies in the Superior Court and District Court. His clients have won verdicts and have been awarded money judgments by juries in state Superior and Federal District Courts. These civil judgments have been collected and enforced by “full faith and credit” in courts across the United States.

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