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No criminal charge is too serious, and no case is too challenging or complex, for criminal defense lawyer Daniel W. Cronin. Our law firm, built around the skills and reputation Mr. Cronin has developed in over 30 years in Worcester County, Massachusetts, is a proven resource for all kinds of people who must navigate the justice system.

We offer caring, skilled criminal defense for all kinds of people charged with all kinds of offenses, including the most serious felonies and federal crimes. If you need trustworthy counsel and determined representation, please contact us and request a free consultation.

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Our firm handles all types of criminal cases, including allegations involving:

Our firm also assists people considering business litigation or civil litigation — often due to serious personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence.

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Past clients and others familiar with our work at the Cronin Law Firm describe attorney Cronin as personable, hands-on and deeply committed to helping people through troubled times. To discuss your own needs or those of a loved one in trouble, please contact our firm now.