Civil and Personal Injury Attorney Massachusetts

Your Personal Counsel with a Plan for Aggressive Representation

In a distinguished legal career of 30 years, extending back to his admission to the Massachusetts Bar in 1986, attorney Daniel W. Cronin has built an outstanding reputation in the Central Massachusetts legal community and as a proven advocate and dedicated public servant. In 2015, Dan was named as a Top 100 Criminal Defence Attorney by The National Trial Lawyers Association. In the early years of his career from 1986-1990, he gained valuable experience as an Assistant District Attorney in Worcester County, prosecuting crimes of violence, drug trafficking, armed robberies, firearm and other serious felony offenses. He is Murder List Certified and has also been certified to accept Federal Criminal appointments since 2005.

Attorney Cronin founded the Cronin Law Firm in 1990, and has specialized his trial practice in the areas of criminal defense and civil litigation, including personal injury. His personal injury litigation practice has resulted in Attorney Cronin being involved in several high profile, six figure and seven figure verdicts and settlements.

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Professional Dedication and a Commitment to Helping Others

Daniel W. Cronin’s knowledge, courtroom prowess and reputation for integrity has earned him honors including being one of a select group of attorneys certified under the federal Criminal Justice Act (CJA) by a panel of federal judges to provide court-appointed criminal defense in federal court. Attorney Cronin has also been certified by the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) to provide criminal defense for Murder Cases serious Rule 8 felonies in the Superior Court. Dan has been professionally recognized by his peers and clients for excellence as a trial lawyer. Relying upon his many years in courtrooms of the Commonwealth, he has taught both criminal and civil litigation programs for the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Program, and serves as a CPCS certified Supervising Attorney and Mentor and Resource Attorney, instructing new attorneys in trial techniques and substantive law.

Our law firm, operated by Mr. Cronin with his team of dedicated legal assistants and affiliated attorneys, takes pride in delivering direct, comprehensive and highly personal representation. We believe plenty of one-to-one contact is essential to understanding your needs, aligning expectations, and identifying mutual goals for your defense.

Targeting Acquittals, Dismissals, and Other Positive Outcomes

A skilled negotiator as well as a veteran of many jury trials, Mr. Cronin is intently focused on his clients’ practical goals and long-term well-being. He is responsive to all those who call for help, offering a free initial consultation to explain potential consequences and explore your specific problem.

In addition to providing resourceful criminal defense, we handle a range of business and civil litigation matters, including personal injury and civil rights cases. Having an experienced, caring lawyer to help you navigate the often complex and intimidating criminal justice or other court systems can be critical for getting the best possible result.

We recognize that you may be at a personal low point and even in despair. Whether working aggressively toward an acquittal in your case or seeking damage control that restores hope for your future, attorney Dan Cronin wants to make a positive difference for you.