Massachusetts Search & Seizure Issues Lawyer

A Firm Grasp of the Law and Your Constitutional Rights

Accomplished criminal defense attorney Daniel W. Cronin has “earned his stripes” in both Massachusetts state and federal district court over the past few decades. Along the way, Mr. Cronin has established himself as an authority on issues including DNA and other scientific evidence, mental health defense, and Massachusetts search and seizure laws.

Our firm provides caring, skillful and resourceful criminal defense. We also handle civil litigation. In both areas, a long list of satisfied clients can tell you first-hand that attorney Dan Cronin delivers maximum effort, from a free consultation through every phase of the case. This includes making absolutely certain any search and seizure of evidence was legal, “by the book,” and untainted by external factors.

Knowledge, Resources, and Reputation that Work for Our Clients

Attorney Dan Cronin has achieved many successes at trial for many reasons, but among the most important are:

  • Reliance only on quality investigators who get to the bottom of any DNA evidence or other forensic/scientific evidence relevant to your case
  • Ability to make complex search and seizure issues clear to a jury
  • Hard-earned credibility with judges and other court officials throughout Worcester County and Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Arrogance is the enemy of attorneys and their clients — and it is never an issue when you speak with Dan Cronin or the dedicated staff at our firm. We will go to battle in your case resting on a search and seizure issue, but Mr. Cronin is equally capable of working to negotiate a positive outcome by acknowledging your mistake and your willingness to make amends, seek treatment, or take other positive steps.

Work with An Attorney who Will Identify with Your Personal Challenges

Few trial lawyers take the challenge of explaining your personal situation and challenges more seriously than Dan Cronin. In the MetroWest area of Massachusetts, few firms are more equipped than ours to challenge a potentially illegal search and seizure. For the help you need today, please call or e-mail us at the Cronin Law Firm today.