Massachusetts Maritime Law Attorney

Maritime law is specifically concerned with commerce and injuries on the navigable waters of the United States, just as railroad law is a distinct body of law enacted for that special area of practice. If you have a maritime claim you need an attorney who is an expert in this specialized area of federal court practice. Dan Cronin is a graduate of Tulane University School of Law and the Tulane Admiralty Institute. Tulane Law School is widely acknowledged to have the strongest maritime law program in the world.

While Attorney Cronin was a student at Tulane, he studied admiralty law in Greece and Turkey. He is a highly accomplished maritime lawyer, handling maritime personal injury and cargo cases in the federal courts. Attorney Cronin successfully brought a maritime personal injury action in Worcester federal court, based on theories of negligence and products liability, where the client received a life-changing financial settlement. The federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction of maritime claims and you need a maritime lawyer well versed in the details and intracacies of federal maritime practice.

Attorney Cronin’s maritime practice also includes claims for: damages in maritime law, tugs and towage, salvage, pilotage, pollution, maritime and marine insurance, terminal operations, charter parties, Death on the High Seas, Longshoreman and Harborworker’s Compensation Act, Jones Act, Carriage of Goods by Sea, Maritime Collision Law, Maritime Personal Injury and Death, Maritime Liens, Law of the Sea, International Coventions and Claims under the Napoleanic Code.

If you have been injured at sea or have a marine cargo. Contact Cronin Law Firm to discuss your options.

Individuals involved in the business of fishing, transporting passengers, tourism, shipping cargo or drilling for oil, regardless of whether their task involves cleaning, navigating or repairs, should talk to a maritime lawyer if they are injured.

It is not just those working on the ocean or in the harbor who are covered under admiralty law. If your job involves work on a river or lake, call our firm for a consultation convenient to you.

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