Significant Municipal Law Litigation

City of Fitchburg v. City of Leominster, (Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, 1992)  Served as Special Assistant City Solicitor for the City of Fitchburg, in municipal litigation regarding water rights and environmental issues at the Notown Reservoir in Fitchburg.  Also served as Special Counsel to the Fitchburg Human Rights Commission.

B. Marple v. Town of Lunenburg, (Worcester Superior Court, 2002)  Served as pro bono legal advisor (not counsel of record) to plaintiff initiating lawsuit against the town to force an election for a vacant Selectman seat, as required by Town Charter.  In response to petition for injunctive relief, the town held an election for selectman on the same ballot as a debt exclusion proposing a new 5 Million police and fire station in Lunenburg.  In this election in October  of 2002, Attorney Cronin ran for selectman and was defeated by 13 votes, without recount.  The new public safety building passed by 300 votes and was dedicated in 2004.  Attorney Cronin served on the Public Safety Building Committee and was later elected a Lunenburg Selectman in 2003, serving two terms until 2007, when he decided not to run again for re-election.

Note:  Attorney Cronin has also been involved in significant Zoning Law and Land Use litigation and has appeared before numerous Zoning Boards, Boards of Appeal, Planning Boards, School Committees, Sewer Commissions and License Commissions, including the ABCC. Attorney Cronin was involved in municipal litigation that was instrumental in amending the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law, specifically regarding e-mail and/or text communications between a quorum of municipal board officials.