Worcester County Violent Crime Defense Lawyer

A Proven Defense Lawyer in Worcester County, Massachusetts

If you are accused of murder or a violent crime, you are almost certainly facing the possibility of jail or prison time and other extremely serious consequences. Whatever the exact circumstances of the events and arrest, it is essential to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with the ability to investigate your case and take on your quest for the best possible outcome. Dan Cronin is Murder List Certified and in 2015 was named as a TOP 100 100 Criminal Defense Attorney by The National Trial Lawyers Association.

Serious, Determined Effort in Confronting Your Serious Situation

Longstanding, respected criminal defender Daniel W. Cronin will provide a free consultation, hear you out with an open mind, and help you evaluate legal options if you are charged with – or under investigation for – a violent crime such as:

  • Murder, any form of homicide, or manslaughter
  • Rape or another forcible sex offense
  • Domestic assault and battery
  • Kidnapping
  • Burglary, breaking and entering, arson, or another property crime with a component of weapons or violence

At the Cronin Law Firm, we know that law enforcement makes mistakes, and also that many complex factors may be relevant in a violent crime charge or investigation. Using experienced investigators, we will approach your case with tenacity and diligence, as well as sensitivity to issues such as racial profiling, other civil rights violations, or mental health issues.

Full-Fledged Trial Representation or Skilled Negotiation on Your Behalf

If you are innocent and being wrongly prosecuted – due to mistaken identity, failure to recognize self-defense, or other factors – we will go the distance to prove your case and earn an acquittal. If you have made a mistake and need a lawyer who will negotiate hard to minimize consequences, Mr. Cronin is a proven resource for that approach. His assets in negotiations and in court include:

  • Extensive knowledge of prosecutors’ strategies and leeway, derived from his own experience as a former assistant district attorney and subsequent decades of active experience in criminal defense
  • Deep understanding of the roles of forensic and scientific evidence
  • Firm grasp of state and federal laws and rules of criminal procedure, including those involving Massachusetts search and seizure and other issues that frequently arise in serious criminal cases

To speak freely with a caring attorney, experienced in both state and federal courts, who will share perspective gained in handling many violent crimes cases, call 978-302-4321  or contact us by e-mail now.