Burglary & Property Crimes Attorney in Worcester County

Dedicated, Resourceful Defense By a Proven Lawyer

If you or someone you care about has been charged with taking money or property in the Worcester-Middlesex County area of Massachusetts, we want to help by providing sound counsel and aggressive criminal defense representation. Attorney Daniel W. Cronin is a former prosecutor and longstanding criminal defense lawyer who knows the local courts and the nuances of burglary, theft and larceny, arson, and other such criminal cases extremely well.

Burglary and Violent Offenses â Arson â Financial Crimes

Your defense lawyer’s ability to deal effectively with complex evidence, witnesses, and other critical aspects of your case may prove critical to your fate. Mr. Cronin has well over two decades of experience handling challenging criminal matters, and we can also put highly experienced investigators to work on your case involving:

A Skilled, Strategic Approach Focused on Your Rights and Your Future

Our firm is committed to exploring every angle on your case and executing the best available strategy for obtaining an acquittal, dismissal of the charges, or minimized consequences in your case involving burglary or other property crime. Proven trial lawyer Dan Cronin is well prepared to build a strong defense by:

  • Attacking the reliability of physical, forensic and scientific evidence against you
  • Leveraging points of law that may enable us to exclude key evidence — whether recovered by a search and seizure or other means
  • Calling the testimony and credibility of witnesses into question

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If you are a victim of mistaken identity, overzealous or faulty police work, or otherwise wrongful allegations, we have the resources to prove it. If you need an attorney with the skills to negotiate effectively for an outcome you can live with, we encourage you to turn to us at the Cronin Law Firm. We offer a free, personal initial consultation and accept credit card payments for our services.