Worcester Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

Massachusetts Drug Conspiracy Charges Lawyer

State and Federal Drug Crimes

If you are facing drug trafficking and conspiracy charges, whether in state or federal court, you are almost certainly aware that your situation is extremely serious. Avoiding many years or decades in prison and other life-changing consequences may require the efforts of an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Daniel W. Cronin.

The Cronin Law Firm is a proven resource for people facing drug sales, trafficking or conspiracy charges, cultivation or manufacturing charges, and other major allegations throughout Worcester County and Middlesex County, Massachusetts. If you want to consult an attorney who will engage you personally and look to attack every aspect of the case against you – or explore every damage control option – please contact us now.

Proven Ability to Pursue Every Angle in Defense of Your Rights

From drug possession to allegations of trafficking in large amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, prescription drugs and other illegal substances, defending people’s rights and futures is a clear strength for attorney Dan Cronin.

Leading a resourceful team that includes top-quality investigators – one a former sergeant in the Massachusetts state police – Mr. Cronin is capable of making a difference with his knowledge of:

  • Massachusetts search and seizure
  • Witness identification procedures associated with a lineup, show-up or photo array that may have been unlawfully suggestive
  • State and U.S. District (federal) court procedures and sentencing guidelines – including opportunities to seek a downward deviation from those guidelines under certain circumstances
  • The potential role of personal circumstances in your defense and outcome, such as those associated with mental health issues, your status as a habitual offender in state court, and possible “safety valve eligibility” for first-time offenders in federal court

A Decades-Long Track Record of Effective Criminal Defense

Whether you have been wrongfully accused or believe the case against you may be very strong, it is critical not to lose hope. We have achieved positive outcomes for past clients in drug trafficking and conspiracy cases.

Rather than passively accepting your fate, we encourage you to contact us now for a free consultation on your drug trafficking or conspiracy case. We are passionate in our efforts to make a positive difference for the people who seek our help, and attorney Cronin has the experience and skill to support that mission.