Boston Federal Crimes Attorney: White Collar and Other Crimes

Worcester, Massachusetts, Attorney for Your Federal Case

Attorney Daniel W. Cronin was admitted to the U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts, in 1990. In the nearly 20 years since, he has provided criminal defense and advocacy for civil plaintiffs in many complex, high-stakes cases. If you have been charged with a federal crime or are under investigation in a case that may be handled in federal court, please contact our law firm now.

Prepared for the Unique Challenges of a Case Handled in District Court

Lawyers who practice frequently in federal court will emphasize that the unique aspects of this work go far beyond the seriousness of the cases tried there. Procedural differences from local and state courts are many, prosecutors are very skilled, and federal judges often highly exacting. Mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines â while in flux after certain recent rulings â may apply in your case and make the outcome absolutely critical to your future.

From Violent Crimes to White Collar and Immigration Cases

Some types of federal crime cases we have handled in the past and can handle for you include:

  • Drug trafficking/narcotics distribution, conspiracy and other drug cases
  • A range of gun, firearms and other weapons charges
  • Internet and other computer crimes, often involving interstate activity and investigated by a federal agency
  • Business and financial crimes such as embezzlement, fraud or public corruption
  • Violent crimes such as murder or kidnapping
  • Allegations of RICO violations such as racketeering, money laundering and criminal conspiracy associated with organized crime
  • “Career offender” cases and violations of probation or parole
  • Re-entry after deportation

A Widespread Reputation for Effective Advocacy in Federal Court

Attorney Cronin’s ability to defend you against criminal charges at the federal level is reinforced by a CJA panel of judges having certified him to handle court appointments — a rare honor among thousands of attorneys in Worcester County and across Massachusetts. His trial skills are widely known and respected, as is his knowledge of areas often vital to federal crime defense: forensic and scientific evidence, your constitutional rights, search and seizure, and more.

Massachusetts Sentencing Guidelines Lawyer

In addition to achieving acquittals and dismissals in federal cases, Daniel W. Cronin has handled cases involving sex/gender, age, and disability. From your free consultation forward, through a detention hearing, extensive case preparation and trial if necessary, you can depend on Dan Cronin to fight resourcefully and tenaciously for the best possible outcome.