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Worcester-Middlesex County Area Gun Crimes Defense

The right to bear arms has been an often-debated subject ever since being “guaranteed” by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. From state to state and one local jurisdiction to the next, laws and ordinances vary widely, as can the level of enforcement of gun and other weapons laws.

The bottom line in Massachusetts is that laws are extremely strict and complex, and consequences of a conviction can be severe and life-changing, even when no injury occurred. Whether you have been charged with a violent crime involving a weapon, or the charge involves unlicensed possession, use or discharge, you should definitely contact an attorney able to dissect the specific charges and investigate all angles of defense.

Resourceful, Aggressive Defense, from Illegal Gun Possession to Violent Crimes

Attorney Daniel W. Cronin has a strong track record in handling all types of gun and weapons charges, holding authorities to a lawful standard, and protecting people’s rights. Given that many gun crimes and weapons charges wind up in federal court, his established skills in that venue and knowledge of criminal procedure may be important assets for you as you face charges such as:

  • Illegal possession, carrying or transfer or an unlicensed firearm
  • Discharge of a firearm within 500 feet of a building
  • Weapons charges for habitual or “career criminals,” which also typically constitute serious parole or probation violations
  • Property crimes and drug crimes enhanced by the alleged involvement of a weapon
  • Carrying a concealed weapon

An Acknowledged Authority on Issues That May Be Critical to Your Defense

While keeping illegal guns off the street is an understandable priority for law enforcement, there are necessary limits on the measures they can take in pursuing this initiative.

Attorney Cronin has extensive knowledge of Massachusetts search and seizure and how various area judges may interpret them. How police or federal agents obtained the firearm or other weapon, and whether a prosecutor can prove you were in possession, can be absolutely critical to your case. We also have a deep understanding of how to interpret and use forensic evidence, as when a gun cannot be proven to have been fired.

We caution you to take any gun or other weapons charge seriously, and invite you to contact us for a free consultation and straight talk about your legal options.