Worcester County White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Massachusetts Attorney for White Collar Crime Defense

The pressure to thrive in business or government is intense, and personal pressures seem unavoidable in modern society. The term “white collar crime” is often used to describe financial offenses or business conduct that may involve no malicious intent, but can nonetheless bring stiff sentences and other life-changing consequences.

As soon as possible after an arrest or learning you are under investigation for any white collar crime, we encourage you to contact us at the Cronin Law Firm. Attorney Daniel W. Cronin is a compassionate lawyer prepared to come to your aid and work hard to avoid conviction or achieve damage control.

Financial and Computer Allegations â Defense of Your License and Reputation

With extensive trial experience and a widespread reputation for skill and integrity in both Massachusetts state and federal court, Dan Cronin is a go-to criminal defender and civil litigator in white collar crime cases involving:

  • Embezzlement or other allegations of financial wrongdoing
  • Any activity leading to fraud allegations — whether mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud or health care fraud
  • Racketeering, money laundering, or other charges that may be prosecuted under as federal crimes under RICO
  • Public corruption or professional misconduct, whether a criminal case is being pursued against you or you need proven, dependable and aggressive reputation before an agency, bar or commission
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Copyright infringement or misappropriation, theft or misuse of trade secrets
  • Computer crimes including identity theft

Take Fast Action to Start Protecting Your Freedom, Family and Future

Whatever you see as potentially pivotal issues in your case — from wrongful allegations to coercion by investigators, questionable evidence or personal mental health issues — we will put our legal team to work on your behalf. Should your situation require skilled negotiation, strategic case-building, a dynamic trial lawyer or all of the above, you can benefit from Attorney Cronin’s experience as both a prosecutor and widely respected defender.

We care deeply about people’s personal well-being and the integrity of the criminal justice system in Worcester County and Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Whether you have been wrongfully accused, or if you made a mistake under pressure and need an attorney you can count on to help you work through the problem, please take a positive step and contact us now for a free consultation