Worcester, MA Lawyer Handling Breach of Fiduciary Duty Cases

Financial and Business Crimes Defense Lawyer in Worcester

The legal language “breach of fiduciary duty” could be intimidating for anyone — as a public official, manager in a company, or officer in a community organization. No matter what allegations you are facing, and no matter what the precise circumstances, you can turn to us at the Cronin Law Firm for understanding and informed legal counsel.

We offer a free initial consultation with attorney Daniel W. Cronin — a former public official himself — because a serious charge calls for a serious evaluation. We want to understand you, your goals, and the allegations against you in order to offer valuable legal guidance.

Prepared to Defend Serious Charges including Public Corruption

We know that allegations of breach of fiduciary duty might involve:

  • Difficult decisions you made as someone with financial authority in a public or private organization — decisions that others might dispute
  • Financial decisions made under pressure from others in your organization
  • Misdirection of responsibility by others in your company or public office
  • Choices influenced by factors including mental illness or addiction

Dan Cronin is a respected presence in the courts and negotiating chambers throughout Worcester County and Middlesex County, Massachusetts. After valuable early exposure as a prosecutor, he has built a stellar reputation as a versatile criminal defense attorney capable of handling the most complex cases, including all types of “white collar” crime allegations.

Direct, Caring Recognition of All You Have at Stake

If you have been accused of embezzlement, fraud, or breach of fiduciary duty, your reputation and future are on the line. You will want the counsel of an attorney who has seen a lot, responded, and made a difference for families over a career that crosses decades.

For capable, determined defense of your rights and freedom in a breach of fiduciary duty case, please contact our firm. We offer a free, no-risk initial consultation with an attorney who will make every effort to understand your needs, and we accept credit card payments for our services.