Computer Crimes Lawyer in Worcester County

Savvy, Dedicated Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney

Much of “cyberlaw” is still uncharted territory, with enforcement of Internet and other computer crimes sporadic and both prosecution and defense challenging. If you or someone in your family has been charged or come under investigation for a computer time, please contact us now.

State and Federal Defense — Pornography — Financial and White Collar Charges

Our founding attorney Daniel W. Cronin is an experienced, resourceful defender who stays current on changes in the law and effective computer crime defense strategies. He is a longstanding veteran of federal court — a factor that could be critical in your case. Our criminal defense firm’s versatility and connections to solid investigators and technical authorities could well be another asset to help you overcome charges such as:

  • Possession of Internet child pornography or other illegal photos, video or other material
  • A white collar crime such as any form of business or financial fraud, posting or distributing trade secrets, or copyright infringement
  • Other financial crimes including identity theft, forgery or issuing false statements via a computer
  • “Sexting”, illegal solicitation of a minor, or other computerized communication offenses

Throughout Worcester and Middlesex counties, attorney Cronin has built a reputation for integrity, strong case preparation, and the willingness to defend challenging cases. With many Internet and computer cases considered federal crimes — either because activities crossed state lines or federal investigators and prosecutors are on the case — our firm’s experience in federal court may prove essential.

Balanced, Caring and Determined Defense of Your Rights

Dan Cronin also has a decades-long history of championing peoples’ First Amendment rights and mounting strong constitutional defenses by challenging evidence, searches and seizures, and interpretation of the law. If mental health issues or other personal factors must be considered in your case, we will work to grasp the circumstances and help you target a reasonable outcome and get the help you require.

For a free, objective and practical consultation on your Massachusetts computer crime case, contact skilled negotiator and proven trial attorney Daniel W. Cronin.