Massachusetts Embezzlement and Fraud Lawyer

A Lawyer Focused on Protecting Your Freedom and Reputation

Financial pressures on people throughout Worcester County, Middlesex County, statewide Massachusetts, and our nation have grown more intense in recent years. While rush to judgment of a person accused of embezzlement may be tempting for some, we maintain a balanced, caring stance at the Cronin Law Firm and encourage you to contact us now to discuss your specific needs.

Have You Been Wronged? Facing Embezzlement Allegations or an Investigation?

Daniel W. Cronin is a proven criminal defense attorney and civil litigator with a track record of success for our clients in matters of embezzlement. We have represented victims in cases involving millions of dollars, and we are equally capable of building a strong defense case for you if you have been accused of taking or misappropriating funds.

An embezzlement or other white collar crime case calls for a lawyer who is sensitive to all the needs and priorities of the people involved. Mr. Cronin is not only a former selectman in Lunenburg, Massachusetts and a leading trial attorney in the MetroWest area, he is a well-regarded proponent of positive action when a person makes a mistake and needs help.

Have you been victimized by embezzlement or fraud â perhaps by a person entrusted with distributing the assets and managing the estate of a deceased loved one? Are you facing charges or under investigation for embezzlement? In any such case, you may need an attorney who has handled high-stakes civil and criminal matters â in both state and federal courts.

Determined to Achieve the Best Possible Immediate and Long-Term Outcomes

Our Worcester law firm emphasizes personal attention to your unique situation and:

  • Pursuit of financial restitution as an alternative to criminal prosecution and incarceration
  • Use of proven, resourceful investigators capable of uncovering the facts and nuances of your case
  • Pursuit of justice for those who have been wronged or dynamic, convincing presentation of personal factors relevant to judicial decisions and sentencing
  • Sensitivity to mental health issues relevant to your case, as well as negotiations and resourcefulness that get our clients needed help for depression, anxiety, addiction and other problems

To discuss your need for criminal defense or civil representation openly with a balanced, caring attorney, please call or e-mail our Worcester law firm today and request a free consultation.