Boston Public Corruption & Professional Misconduct Defense Attorney

Skilled Defense Counsel for Professionals and Public Figures

There are many solid, reputable attorneys in the MetroWest area that includes Worcester and Middlesex County, Massachusetts — and then there are lawyers another lawyer will hire. That type of endorsement means a lot, and at the Cronin Law Firm, we value our integrity and reputation as a resource for helping good, productive people through tough situations involving allegations of public corruption or other misconduct.

A Sound, Comprehensive Resource if You Face Public Corruption Allegations

If you are a licensed professional or public figure facing a legal challenge, you may be most comfortable talking with an attorney who has dealt with the pressures of both those roles. Contact us today to meet with Daniel W. Cronin, free of charge, and discuss the right approach to your difficulties.

Criminal Defense — Representation in Your Civil Case— Defense of Your License and Reputation in Massachusetts

Mr. Cronin is a caring lawyer prepared to provide:

  • Criminal defense, if you are a public figure dealing with any adverse situation ranging from a like OUI/DWI, to a property crime such as shoplifting, or a computer crime
  • A complete evaluation of the validity of public corruption, professional negligence, or other allegations against you
  • Capable, insightful and resourceful representation of your interests in a matter before the Board of Medical Licenses, the Board of Bar Overseers, the ABCC, or another professional review organization
  • Referrals to reputable professionals for real help with mental health challenges and other issues that can strike anyone, in any position in society

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Our firm is a resource for both criminal defense and sound action when you face or are considering civil litigation — due to public corruption charges or other adverse circumstances. We understand the value of your reputation and will work to both preserve your professional license and leave doors open for you to advance in your public career. For a free consultation, please call or e-mail us today.