Worcester County and Middlesex County Land Use and Zoning Lawyer

When you have a zoning or land use issue, having an attorney on your side who is intimately familiar with the local area is key. With the proper permits and a strong knowledge of the community, a business and development project can easily get derailed. Dan Cronin has represented businesses and individuals with zoning issues before local zoning boards since 1990. Dan has successfully represented real estate developers and aggrieved parties in zoning appeals to the District, Superior and Land Courts of the Commonwealth, and recently was successful in a zoning dispute before the Massachusetts Appeals Court. Appearing before municipal Zoning Boards and Planning Boards can be like walking into a hornet’s nest, and a successful applicant for special permit or variance needs to be represent by counsel well versed in land use planning.

Cronin Law Firm handles land use and zoning issues with skill and a strong knowledge of the local area. Worcester County zoning attorney, Dan Cronin, was twice elected selectman in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, from 2003-2007, and served as chairman of the Lunenburg Library Building Committee ($4.3 million public project), served on the Public Safety Building Committee ($5 million project) and oversaw a sewer expansion ($10 million project), new primary school building ($22 million project) and charter changes in town.

Attorney Cronin has represented homeowners and business owners in requests for special permits and variances before numerous local zoning boards in Massachusetts. He is versed in eminent domain and takings of property with just compensation. He has successfully handled zoning appeals from local determinations to the District Courts, Superior Courts and the Appeals Court of Massachusetts. The firm works with a network of engineers, surveyors and other registered professionals in land use development.

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We are familiar with the governing statutes and regulations as well as the approaches taken by a variety of authorities throughout the region. We can appear on your behalf before local zoning boards and planning boards for real estate development projects that require:

  • Special permits
  • Zoning variances
  • Permits for new buildings or additions
  • Appeals of decisions by building inspectors and denied building permits
  • Approval of real estate development plans
  • Emminent Domain Land Takings

Our goal is to keep your project on track and be proactive to avoid disputes. Not only will we help you with your land use and zoning issues, we can also assist you in any other kind of business dispute that may arise. Our lawyer’s civil litigation experience is extensive and involves significant municipal matters as well.

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